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Joy and Happiness | 2019

We are living in the era of tremendous change. Technology seems to be out of control, artificial intelligence, internet of everything, big data mining, everything runs too fast to understand in every possible direction. Charlie chaplin's movies “Modern times” and “The Great dictator as well as George Orwell’s prophetic books such as “1984”, have already become a reality. Today, the new generations who are born and live in the 4th industrial revolution era, cannot understand a life without smartphones and surrounded by social media.  
Stephen Hawking, even months before his death, has warn us about artificial intelligence and climate change impacts. Now, the vast majority of the scientific community supports the opinion that the climate is changing due to anthropogenic causes. Policy makers, scientists, governments, institutions are all working tight in order to fight climate change and prepare humanity for its impacts by providing directions for sustainable development, scientific documents and relative legislative frameworks. The global population is growing fast, this is a fact. On the other hand, the earth’s carrying capacity is scarce, and the only realistic way to extend our sustainable existence on this planet seems to be through science, innovation and technology. 
The “Black mirror” is one of the few well viewed recent TV shows that actually showing some futuristic and up-to-date technological and environmental concerns. The “5 million merits” episode is a good example of this “new reality”; We are prisoners in a system that wants us to be workers 6 days per week and earn digital money in order to feed the system back by buying and consuming things that we don’t actually need. This system is so tight that noone can escape from it. Other episodes are highlighting upcoming impacts of technology and ICT ie. AI, IoE, social media, Big Data etc. The truth is that it is impossible to predict the future. We are only going where we looking at, therefore it is very important to have an overall approach of our reality and a well-grounded philosophical baseline.
Why is Stephen Hawkins's opinion important? Well, except from his academic excellence and significant personality, he has the needed perception of time. His ability to “see” humanity as a total, that only exists for a few minutes, if not seconds, compared with the age of the earth. We have managed to turn our home to our potential killer, only in a couple of seconds, and now we have to leave this planet ASAP!
On the contrary, there is always hope as it is appearing in Banksy’s art. We can fight back this system through better choices. The off-line way of living, the increase of decentralization, the strengthens of open source communities, the promotion of good usage of technology for democratic purposes, the rise of prosumers, the new cheaper renewables etc are only some of the good examples that may be able to revert the current declining trend.
The tool can be used as a weapon. This is why it is so important, and more than ever, science to be focused on sustainability, democracy end ethical development. The risks for our rapid extinction are critical. There are some doors that if to be opened, we can never look back. We have to think carefully which is the future we want to have, we need and we deserve. The placebo of happiness in the lie we live in, is now on jah’s microscope. 
Many more to come in 2019!
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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanha), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Museum of Tomorrow is a center of applied sciences where the findings of contemporary sciences are a part of a narrative that engages its visitors in a journey that explores the time of great changes in which we live and the many possible paths opening up for the next 50 years.
Guided by the ethical values of Sustainability and Conviviality, the Museum of Tomorrow invites our guests to consider the many different future scenarios that may result from the choices we make each day, as individuals, as a society, as Humans.